"Why Consign?"

There’s no shopping experience quite like consigning.  There are so many reasons to consider putting FRINGe on the list before you head out on your next shopping spree.  The buyers take a careful look at what fits with the theme of the store and brands that are quality and popular.

Quality at a great Price

Consignment stores often have a special niche within the retail industry. Geared towards inventory items with brand names like Coach, Rock Revival, Calvin Klein, 7 For All Mankind, and so many more, you can trust the quality of the clothing and accessories.  As much as we long to buy brands like these, our wallets don’t always allow for it. At FRINGe, your wallet will hardly feel a pinch! Love that Coach purse that goes for $300? You might just find it in the consignment store – for $40-$100!

Your Clothes Will Be Donated if not sold. 

FRINGe carries used clothes and other personal items that are still in good shape. If you’re worried your items will be rejected and will have to go back to your closet or home — don’t. FRINGe will offer to donate them for you if not sold in 90 days!

Consigning Is Environmentally Friendly

Many people simply throw away unwanted clothing and accessories when they could be consigned or traded for. These items end up in landfills, adding to the billions of pounds of textile waste already in the ground. Fortunately, consignment shopping has become increasingly popular as people continue to look for more ways to reduce waste. This environmentally-friendly shopping process allows your gently-used and new with tags items to find new life instead of ending up in a landfill!

It’s Easy!

Simply bring your clothing and accessories in and FRINGe will do the rest! What’s even better — you can shop for unique finds to bring home while you wait for one of us to evaluate your items!

You’ll Enjoy Simplifying your closet!

A cramped closet can make it hard to find items you actually still want to wear. Give your closets and dressers some breathing room — separate the items you want to keep and the items you can part with, then bring them in to consign. Soon you’ll be enjoying simplification. 

You Create "your" Style

Consignment shopping allows you to create your own  style with quality brand-name pieces and your clothes that no longer fit your style might be exactly what someone else is looking for!


Recirculate NOT Accumulate!